About the TVA Region

Automotive Manufacturing in the Tennessee Valley Region

The Tennessee Valley Region is home to the second most active automotive manufacturing region in the United States.  Home to five OEM facilities including General Motors, Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen, and the Mazda-Toyota joint venture in Huntsville, Alabama.  The Valley provides endless opportunities for automotive suppliers.

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Automotive Site & Building Database:

This is a site and building database designed to assist automotive companies and/or site consultants to identify properties that can help a company achieve a high speed-to-market.  Sites and Buildings are classified into three colors – BLUEGREEN, and MAROON.

Greenfield Sites (BLUE): auto-supplier suitable greenfield sites.

Supplier Ready* Greenfield Sites (GREEN): Greenfield Sites that have been qualified using specific criteria designed to help a company achieve a high speed-to-market. These sites are evaluated and qualified by either a private site engineering firm or TVA’s InvestPrep Program.

Supplier Ready* Buildings (MAROON): Existing Buildings and Speculative Buildings that could be suitable for auto suppliers searching for an existing facility.

To download a guide to Supplier Ready qualifying criteria, click here.

For more information on any of these sites, contact

TVA Target Market Specialist, Adam Murray

[email protected] or 615-232-6685