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TVA Economic Development Helps Communities Power the Region’s Recovery

TVA Economic Development powers community recovery by employing field specialists who assist communities in the recruiting and retention of companies able to invest in the region, facilitating innovative community training and development programs and services, funding programs to empower the region’s workforce, overseeing site development programs, providing rural development assistance, and more.

  • Regional Field Specialists 
    • TVA ED offers an array of specialists to help you with your precise needs.
  • Training & Development
    • TVA ED Community Development serves as the training and facilitation team for our economic development efforts in the Valley. 
  • Talent – Building Programs 
    • TVA ED is your conduit to funding programs dedicated to developing and empowering the region’s workforce.
  • Site Readiness and Development
    • TVA ED certifies sites throughout the region for accelerated development. 
  • Rural Development Assistance
    • TVA ED offers support for rural and economically distressed communities in our region.

TVA Business Concierge Programs & Services

Training and Development

Training and facilitation for community preparedness for economic growth opportunities

  • Kristi Brown TVA Consultant, Mississippi Region

    Kristi Brown

    Training and Development Senior Consultant 662.418.1222
  • Alex Sadler

    Training and Development Consultant 615.351.8809
  • Katrina Shirley Smith

    Training and Development Consultant 601.218.1758

Engineering & Design Services

Custom visions/plans for how your business can locate and grow here

Economic Research & Analysis

Prepared data your company can use to ensure its success in the Valley

Rural Development

Support for rural and economically-distressed communities in our region

Young Talent & Innovation

Custom strategy and facilitation for communities focused on developing young talent and spurring on innovation.

  • Katrina Shirley Smith

    Training and Development Consultant 601.218.1758

Contact us to learn more about these programs, plus discover additional services that can benefit your company.