TVA Economic Development Helps Businesses Power the Region’s Prosperity

TVA Economic Development powers business prosperity by providing cost saving location advice, targeted incentives on power, programs to empower and train the region’s workforce, sophisticated engineering and design services, as well as leveraging our vast network to energize and connect businesses and community partners throughout the region.

  • Location Advisory Services
    • TVA ED provides company expansion, new location, and relocation services for companies at no cost.
  • Incentive Programs
    • TVA ED offers a range of economic incentives that will benefit companies and communities.
  • Workforce Training
    • TVA ED connects companies to the workforce training programs they need to succeed in the region.
  • Engineering and Design Services
    • TVA ED provides custom plans for how your business can locate and grow in the region.
  • Economic Research & Analysis
    • TVA ED prepares data your company can use to ensure its success in the Valley.