About the TVA Region

The Seven-State TVA Region is One of the Most Prosperous Regions in the World

The seven-state TVA region boasts a $507 billion (2018 GRP) economy, and is powered by a dedicated workforce over 4 million strong.

The TVA region benefits from business advantages that help our companies and people find and sustain success. With a more than capable workforce and incentives which make it financially possible for businesses to start, grow, and expand, the Valley is an advantageous place to do business.

Businesses located in the seven-state TVA region also benefit from our competitively priced power rates, which are among the lowest in the nation. Our power is made affordable through a diverse generation mix, which includes nuclear, hydro, coal, and renewable energies. Since 2000, we’ve maintained industry standard transmission reliability, which means residents and businesses can trust and rely on the robust TVA network that includes 16,000 miles of transmission line and 487 substations and switchyards.

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