Foreign Direct Investment

More than 1,000 multinational companies have found success in the seven-state region of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) including global giants LG Appliances, GlaxoSmithKline, Hankook Tire, Magna, Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen and Yokohama. These companies are attracted to the region for its central location, ample transportation networks and competitive cost environment.

In addition to competitively priced and reliable power, companies considering the seven-state TVA region have access to a host of resources to aid in their location search including market research, site evaluation and technical services, as well as a number of financing and incentive programs.

Skilled and Growing

  • 10+ million people across 186 counties
  • 4.67 million workers in the region
  • 14% growth in student graduate output from the region’s 251 technical schools, colleges and universities
  • Competitive wage rates averaging 17% lower cost than the U.S. average


Access and Value

  • One-day drive from 75% of U.S. Population
  • Ample transportation networks
  • Low business & personal taxation rates
  • Affordable cost of living


Competitive. Reliable. Diverse.

  • One of the nation’s largest utility providers
  • Competitive rates
  • 99.999% transmission reliability
  • Diverse portfolio of nuclear, hydro, fossil, and renewables
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