Sustainable Communities in the TVA Region

The Valley Sustainable Communities Program assists communities in identifying and cataloging their sustainable assets and increasing their sustainability commitments. The economic development focus is to increase the community’s competitiveness when companies are looking to invest in new or expanded locations in the Valley. Boyette Strategic Advisors developed and is administering the program. Sustainable economic development balances the need for economic growth with environmental and societal accountability. It ensures a healthy environment, a thriving community, and economic prosperity.


There are three levels of qualification for communities. These levels are based on the individual community’s sustainable efforts and their sustainable team’s meeting qualification components in the areas of preparation, economic, environmental and societal.


Valley Sustainable Communities are leaders in sustainable energy, water conservation, waste reduction, natural resource protection and overall quality of place. Through the program, designated communities meet strict environmental, economic and social goals. Here are some of the differentiators that make Valley Sustainable Communities some of the most sustainable communities in the U.S.

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