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SKUs list

SKUs list

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SKUs list

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Here you can see a list of all SKUs (product objects) defined on the current site, i.e. both stand-alone SKUs and SKUs with associated product type documents. Please note that although it is recommended to manage SKUs together with associated product type documents, the current version of the CMS system allows you to manage product objects with unassigned product type documents (stand-alone SKUs).


You can add a new SKU by clicking the NewProduct New SKU button above the list. Properties of already defined SKUs can be modified by clicking the Edit (Edit) icon in the Actions column. You can also delete an SKU by clicking the Delete (Delete) icon or perform OtherActions Other actions such as Clone Clone, Delete Destroy, ExportObject Export, Backup Backup or Restore Restore.


More resources concerning product types can be found in Products -> Product types chapter in the Managing your store section of the E-commerce Guide.

More resources concerning stand-alone SKUs can be found in Products -> Stand-alone SKUs chapter in the same section of this guide.

Further information about products can be found in E-commerce Guide -> Managing your store -> Products.