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General tab

General tab

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General tab

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On the general tab, you can specify the following properties of the message board:


Display name - display name of the message board

Code name - code name of the message board

Description - text describing the message board

Enable - if unchecked, the message board will be hidden; if checked, the message board works normally

Open - if checked, adding messages is enabled; if unchecked, messages are displayed but cannot be added

Open from / to - using these fields, you can define the time interval during that new messages can be added to the board

Enable subscriptions - if checked, users can subscribe to receiving notifications about new messages on the board

Base URL - URL used as the URL base of links to message boards in notification e-mails; if empty, value from Site Manager -> Settings -> Community -> Message boards -> Board base URL will be used; if that property is empty too, message boards cannot be placed on pages with wildcard URLs

Unsubscription URL - URL of the page containing the Message board unsubscription web part; the web part handles notification unsubscription requests; if not set, value in Site Manager -> Settings -> Community -> Message boards -> Board unsubscription URL will be used

Require e-mail addresses - if checked, users are required to enter their e-mail address when posting board messages


You can also change double opt-in settings:


Enable double opt-in - specifies whether users will need to confirm the validity of their e-mail address before subscribing.

Approval page path - defines the path of the page that has the Message board subscription confirmation web part on it, which is used to confirm subscriptions.

Send double opt-in confirmation - determines whether to send an e-mail when a user successfully approves their subscription.


Detailed information about the Message boards module can be found in Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Message boards.